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To best enhance the architectural style of your home, your garage door should harmoniously compliment the overall design and decor. A home's garage door can become a beautiful focal point for your property. The garage door area can take up to nearly 40% of the total facade – so every detail counts. Whatever your budget, Lancaster Door Service can provide you with multiple configurations to choose from in colors, models, and styles.


We invite you to visit our showroom at 1851 Lincoln Hwy East in Lancaster. Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements.

We carry an assortment of quality garage doors, openers, accessories, and garage door hardware. Our experienced staff will discuss your project with you and show you examples of the extensive selection of models to choose from. From carriage house style doors, contemporary models, traditional beauty – to an array of panel designs and colors – we will help you find the options that best suit your needs. We can explain energy efficiency, warranties, and work closely with you to refine your choices via the Garaga® Design Centre application to see an actual “picture” of what your new door will look like on your own home or building.


As certified Garaga® Experts, we proudly meet the highest standards of the professional garage door service industry. We sell, install, and maintain entire garage door operating systems.

The quality and performance of any garage door depends on professional installation. Lancaster Door Service technicians are professional installers that closely adhere to the tested and proven procedures put forth by the manufacturer.

Quality Residential Garage Doors


Princeton garage door


The Princeton™ garage door is part of the Garaga® Townships Collection which also includes the Eastman® and the Cambridge™. All of these steel doors are 2 3⁄8 inches thick, including their decorative PVC overlays. The Princeton™ reflects one of the latest trends in architecture and is offered with traditional‑style as well as carriage‑house overlay configurations.

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Eastman® Estate Residential Garage Door


Recalling carriage house doors of yesteryear, the traditional Eastman® Estate garage door is nonetheless made in steel, insulated with polyurethane, and comes in 6 model patterns, 8 colors, and an appealing choice of decorative hardware and windows.

With more than 500 possible style combinations, visit our Design Centre to find the Eastman® Estate that will be perfect for your house.

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Cambridge™ Residential Garage Door


Refined, yet urban, the Cambridge garage door shows impeccable styling, from its precision-matched overlays down to its woodgrain steel panels. With polyurethane insulation, it comes in a choice of 3 models and 8 colors.

Available with a variety of Panoramic windows, you can also have the Cambridge™ without windows for a fashionable and modern look.

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Standard+ Residential Garage Door


The Standard+ door is Garaga’s bestselling garage door. Made with galvanized steel and polyurethane insulation, it comes in 9 colors and in 5 models. The different possible design configurations of this door are surprising and it is the ideal choice to get a contemporary look.

Made in a solid tradition of strength, the Standard+ is intended if you are looking for the best buy, without sacrificing the look and performance.

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Acadia 138

Acadia 138 Residential Garage Door


The Acadia 138 is the only solution when wanting to add uncompromising style and beauty to your home without sacrificing superior Garaga quality and durability. This door is designed to withstand any environment where superior insulation is not a top priority.

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H-Tech Residential Garage Door


The H-Tech door is lightweight, extremely energy efficient and lends itself to the style of most home. The timeless design of this rustproof aluminum garage door boasts a rustic textured wood grain, and is available in 6 colors.

It is a classic style that is sure to enhance the look of any home for years to come.

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Top Tech

Top Tech Residential Garage Door


Beneath the classic white satin finish facade of its elegant architecture, hides our superior Top Tech galvanized steel door.

With its unique lightly textured finish and streamlined appearance, this door is in perfect harmony with contemporary style architecture.

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California™ Residential Garage Door


The California™ door by Garaga® is the ideal choice when looking for that extra touch of architectural elegance and when superior insulation is not a top priority – but function and design are the destination. This full vision door has a strong aluminum frame and a thickness of 1 3⁄4". Layouts are available in 3 colors, and the glass panels are 7⁄8" thermopanes, 2 sides are tempered.

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Village Collection

Village Collection Residential Garage Door


The Garaga® Village Collection is a collection of steel door styles. Available in 10 designs and 9 door colors, the Village Collection door can be styled with a touch of refinement, traditional lines, or with carriage house charm. These boast multiple options for flat base or plank base inlays, colors, window options, and hardware styles. The Village is the complete package with 3 layers, polystyrene vinyl‑backed insulation, and a light woodgrain exterior finish with a white stucco finish for the interior surface.

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Vantage® Residential Garage Door


The Vantage is part of the Garaga® Village Collection.These steel doors are strong and insulated at 2" inches thick with polystyrene insulation inside. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary look, these doors are available in 9 attractive colors with a variety of hardware and window layout choices. The Vantage is a 3 layer solid steel door, loaded with insulation in between 2 steel layers – complete with an attractive light woodgrain exterior finish and a white stucco interior surface finish.

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Regal™ Residential Garage Door


The Regal N24 and N25 garage doors are 2" inches thick and are available in a variety of colors. The Regal N24 is constructed as a 2 layer – optional polystyrene vinyl‑backed insulation – heavy duty steel door. The Regal™ N25 garage door is made from regular steel and is perfect for an uninsulated outdoor work area or an unheated shed. It is an attractive door to safely protect a detached garage or garden equipment storage area. Non-insulated doors are not recommended for garages near other rooms of a home as they can often make the other rooms colder in the winter, but they do make an excellent choice for outdoor workshops.

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Lancaster Door Service offers 18 month no-interest financing for qualified buyers! We also honor all manufacturers' warranties and we guarantee our parts & labor on every door and opener we install.
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