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Lancaster Door Service sells and installs durable and functional garage doors and openers for commercial, agricultural and industrial applications. We welcome you to contact us to discuss your project. Our knowledgeable staff will review your requirements and show you examples from our extensive selection of commercial garage door models.

Strong impact resistant doors, insulated door models, traditional utility garage doors – to an array of high lift and standard lift sectional doors - we will help you choose the door that can stand up to regular use in your industry.


Visit our showroom were we can explain options in energy efficiency, warranties, and financing. We can help you to refine your choices via the Garaga® Design Centre application which shows you what your new garage door can look like on your building or warehouse.

You can depend on our experienced technicians to professionally install your new quality garage door and opener system.

We will work with your builder, developer, or architect – offering them a complete line of doors, operators, and accessories for their commercial design and building applications. Our commercial garage doors can meet your requirements regarding durability, safety, reliability, energy efficiency, and aesthetics.


As certified Garaga® Experts, we proudly meet the highest standards of the professional garage door service industry. We sell, install, and maintain entire garage door operating systems.

The quality and performance of any garage door depends on professional installation. Lancaster Door Service technicians are professional installers that closely adhere to the tested and proven procedures put forth by the manufacturer.

Durable Commercial Garage Doors


G-1000 Commercial Garage Door


The Garaga® G-1000 commercial garage door is made with 0.60 mm thick pre-painted aluminum with five coats of baked-on corrosion-resistant polyester paint with a woodgrain finish on both sides. The door panels are filled with high-pressure injected polyurethane – ideal for large-sized doors. This door is strong, lightweight, and boasts R-16 insulation. Door sections are strengthened by two aluminum walls joined together with mechanical interlocking joints, metal reinforcement plates, wood end blocks, and a lag screw system which provides much better fastening of the end hinges. Comes in six color options and choice of 2 groove or 4 groove model designs.

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G-2020 | G-2023 | G-2323

G-2020 | G-2023 | G-2323 Commercial Garage Door


These Garaga® commercial garage doors are made with smooth G60 hot-dipped galvanized steel with five coats of protective finish and filled with high-pressure injected polyurethane. Doors are the same quality of corrosion-resistant steel for interior and exterior faces with baked-on polyester paint and R-16 energy-efficient insulation. The G-2020 has 20-gauge exterior and interior steel skins, the G-2023 has 20-gauge exterior and 23-gauge interior steel skins, and the G-2323 has 23-gauge exterior and interior steel skins. Highly corrosion-resistant with mechanical interlocking joints, metal reinforcement plates, wood end blocks, and a lag screw system which provides much better fastening of the end hinges. Comes in one white color option and choice of 2 groove or 4 groove model design.

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G-4400 Commercial Garage Door


This industrial garage door has large windows let in maximum light which is perfect for showrooms, commercial repair shops, or fire stations. There are more than 20 types of glass to choose from that meet all safety requirements – and help to create a look that blends beautifully with the architectural style of the building. Quality weatherstripping between the sections prevents air infiltration for greater energy efficiency. The equally spaced hinges and the precise finish of the assembly joints make the structure of the door attractive and durable. These doors come in your choice of white, anodized, or black color options and choice of 3 types of window layout panels.

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G-5000 | G-5138 | G-5200

G-5000 | G-5138 | G-5200 Commercial Garage Door

These Garaga® doors are insulated with high-pressure injected polyurethane foam to ensure a high thermal-resistance rating and strong solid composite material. The G-5000 has R-12 insulation, the G-5130 has R-16, and the G-5200 has R-18. Highly corrosion-resistant with mechanical interlocking joints, metal reinforcement plates, wood end blocks, and a lag screw system which provides much better fastening of the end hinges. Sealed windows optimize insulation and reduce seal failures with galvanized steel spacer technology. The grooved model design comes in up to nine color options. Window options include 3 layout choices as standard, oval, or full-vision. Windows may be thermopane, sealed, single glass, or polycarbonate – in choice of clear or tinted.

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SSI‑24 | SSI‑25 (Replaces the TG‑6200 model)

TG-6200 Commercial Garage Door

This Garaga® industrial garage door has stronger corrosion resistance with 26-gauge galvanized steel on both sides of the door and 2“ polystyrene insulation. InterStop™ joints between the sections help to prevent any air infiltration and provide an efficient thermal break on the top side of the sections. The hot-dipped galvanized steel is protected with five coats of baked-on polyester paint with a woodgrain finish. Wood end blocks made of kiln-dried pine and the lag screw system ensure a better fastening of the end hinges. The flush model design comes in up to six color options. A row of standard windows in thermopane, single glass, or polycarbonate can be clear or tinted.

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S-24 | SN-24


The S-24 and SN-24 commercial garage doors by Garaga® are expertly crafted to meet the rigorous demands of commercial and industrial environments. These doors are designed with durability and security in mind, featuring a robust 24-gauge galvanized steel construction that ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The SN-24 model includes a full thermal break and is insulated with polyurethane foam, providing superior energy efficiency by maintaining consistent temperature levels and reducing energy costs.

Both models come equipped with heavy-duty hardware and high-performance weather seals, making them ideal for withstanding harsh weather conditions. The S-24 and SN-24 doors offer customizable options such as different colors, sizes, and window configurations, allowing for a perfect fit with any architectural style. Whether for warehouses, automotive service stations, or freight depots, the Garaga® S-24 and SN-24 garage doors deliver unmatched functionality and aesthetics, making them a top choice for businesses looking for reliable and efficient commercial garage doors.

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Our Promise to You

We promise to provide attentive service, and our garage door system maintenance services can help you enjoy many productive years of industrial garage door use.

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